Standard Lease including Rules & Regulations. CTI (cam, tax & insurance): Insurance and tax and CAM (common area maintenance);
The CTI’s are defined in the lease, which also defines Lessee’s & Lessor’s mutual responsibilities. In general and subject to the lease,
Lessee (tenant) is responsible for the storefront and for the inside of their space, such as mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and all inside finishes. Lessor (landlord) is responsible for the common areas, the foundation, outside walls, and roof.

Available for lease Suite SF
Upstairs Suite 222 1,163
Upstairs office 224 1,450
Upstairs office 228 1,162
Retail Space 137** 2,884

For leasing, please contact CMO Commercial Group LLC Powered by eXp Realty – James Moreno Phone – 512-669-6280

*2015 CTI were $6.38/sf: $2.78 CAM + $3.04 TAX + $0.57 INS
It does not include the $0.05/sf COA drainage user fee which was on each tenant’s electric bill prior to Nov. 2015

*2016 CTI budget is $6.60/sf: $2.82 CAM + $3.15 TAX + $0.63 INS
It does not include the estimated $0.32/sf COA drainage user fee

**available in an estimated timeframe of 6 months

2016 Estimated Budget
ON-SITE management & office 36,000
PROPERTY INSURANCE ($0.63/sf/yr) 35,000
PROPERTY TAX ($3.15/sf/yr) 175,000
2016 estimated budget ($6.60/sf/yr) 366,500
Add for COA drainage user fee ($0.30/sf/yr) 16,800

Tenants pay for their own water use from their sub meter’s reading. These estimated payments will be reconciled on a periodic basis: Quarterly or yearly